Disaster Planning
Prepare: Make a Pet Emergency Kit
  • Food & water for at least 7 days in an airtight, waterproof container. 

  • Animal first aid kit with any of your pet's medications. Include copies of medical records. 

  • Identification: attach visible ID tags to pet collars and carriers. Have photos of your pets including a photo of you with your pet. 

  • Animal Care Supplies: Collars/harnesses, leashes, carriers or portable kennels, food/water bowls, toys/treats, blankets

  • Sanitation Items: kitty litter, newspaper, trash bags, litter trays. 

  • Microchip your pets: keep the contact information linked with microchip up to date. 

Plan: Decide Early On What You Will Do
  • Identify Evacuation Routes

  • Find pet-friendly lodging or boarding kennels

  • Create a buddy system- plan with friends, neighbors and relatives. Make sure someone is available to evacuate your animals if you can't. 

  • Practice loading your animals into their carriers and into your vehicle.

  • Keep needed supplies in a central, easy to reach location. 

Disaster Supply List Example

List of Pet-Friendly Lodging

Emergency Evacuation Sample Plan