Matanuska Susitna Animal Care and Regulation operates under the Borough Code, Title 24. Four Animal Care Officers provide regulation and enforcement services to the entire Borough, with the exception of Palmer, Wasilla (who only utilize us for after all call outs) and Houston city limits.


For a brief overview of a few of the more commonly discussed regulations, please review our Brochure and Information Document If you have an animal complaint you will need to fill out a complaint statement form with the details of your complaint.  We will begin a case file and conduct our investigation.  You can also come to the shelter to complete the form or request an email from dispatch at (907)761-7501.Please be aware that we only have four officers and a very heavy case load.  We respond to every case but have to triage based on the most egregious incidents.



The Police Departments are the enforcement agency for animal-related issues within the city limits of Palmer and Wasilla. Within Houston city limits, animal-related issues are handled by the city. For complaints regarding animals within the city limits, please call:

  • 745-4811 for Palmer

  • 352-5401 for Wasilla

  • 892-6447 for Houston

If you're bringing in an animal you found within the city limits, please make a note of the location and bring the address and/or cross streets to the shelter.


Title 24 is the section of the Borough Code that governs domestic animals within the Mat-Su Borough. This code, adopted by the Assembly, provides guidance and a set of rules for all to follow. (Some of Title 24 is listed below.  For the complete code please find the link at www.matsugov.us

24.05.030: It is unlawful for any animal owner to allow an animal to annoy any person


24.05.070: All animals shall be continuously under restraint. The Borough has a “Leash Law”.


24.05.080: No owner shall fail to provide humane animal care or place an animal in a situation where the animal's life, safety or health is endangered.

Humane animal care includes, but is not limited to providing:

  1. Sufficient, wholesome and nutritious food daily which will keep the animal in healthy physical condition;

  2. Sufficient daily quantities of fresh water which meet the hydration requirements for the animal;

  3. Adequate shelter which provides adequate air and ventilation and which prevents the animal from being exposed to inclement or adverse weather conditions, overheating from sunlight, unsanitary conditions, and dirty, wet, and uncomfortable conditions which may endanger the health or welfare of the animal; and

  4. Veterinary care when needed to treat the animal for sickness, disease, injury, or to prevent suffering of the animal.


24.10.010: Registration is required.  Within the Borough, no person shall own any dog or cat over the age of six months without registering each dog or cat.


24.10.020: No person may own or operate a kennel or cattery or own five or more dogs or cats over the age of six months without registering as a kennel or cattery operator for each location of kennel or cattery.


24.20.020(A): A person may not keep, own, or harbor a dog or cat over six months of age unless the dog or cat has been immunized for rabies.

24.35.030(A): It is unlawful for any person to interfere with, hinder, or molest an animal care and regulation officer or officer or agent of the borough in the performance of any of the officer’s duties under this title.


24.05.050: It is unlawful to own any animal infected with a contagious or pestilential disease, except when the animal is confined and isolated from other animals or under the care of a licensed veterinarian.


24.05.060: It is unlawful to tie, stake, or fasten any animal within any highway, street, alley or public place within the borough, or so that the animal has access to any portion of any highway, street, alley, or public place therein, provided that the manager may make exceptions in the case of an organized animal activity and similar temporary sporting or festive events.


24.05.090(A): No person shall intentionally injure or kill an animal unless: the act committed is done humanely in conformity with applicable federal, state or borough law; the act is necessary to defend a human being or an animal from attack.


24.05.110: Intentional capture of domestic and domesticated animals by trap is prohibited, unless a borough-authorized live animal trap is used.