This page is under construction. Any form you need to submit can be emailed to, faxed to 907-746-6683 or mailed to MatSu Animal Shelter, 9470 E. Chanlyut Cir., Palmer, AK 99645.  You must download or print the form to complete it.

2020 Spay Neuter Registration

Registration forms must be delivered IN PERSON, with supporting documents, to the shelter during the registration period. Please see the form to determine if you qualify for our free clinic. If you do, complete the form, gather the required supporting documents, and come to the shelter to complete registration. DO feel free to call and see if we are still accepting registrations. Clinics fill up fast and have a limited number of spaces that are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Statement Form

If you wish to file a statement regarding a cat or dog bite, unrestrained domestic animals, animal noise annoyance, or any other issue governed by MSB Title 24 Animal Care Regulations, please complete this form and return it to us by one of the return methods listed above.

Public Records Request Form


(A)    Except as provided by MSB 1.50.040, or by other provisions of municipal, state or federal law, the borough shall make all public records open to inspection by any person subject to guidelines regulating the time, place and manner of inspection adopted by the manager pursuant to MSB 1.50.050

Lost and Found Pets

If you have found a stray domestic animal, you may choose to house and care for that stray animal to give the owner a chance to come looking for it. Please complete the found report to let the shelter know this information. The shelter will then connect you with possible owners who may contact us looking for their pet. You may surrender the stray pet to the shelter at any time should you become unable to house and care for it.

Likewise if you have lost a pet, you may complete our lost animal report. We will enter the information into our database and increase the chances of getting your pet back to you. Completing a lost report does not guarantee that staff will be able to match your lost report with your animal should it come into the shelter. We highly recommend checking the Petharbor database at least once a day to make sure your lost pet is not here at the shelter as a stray. The form DOES help us if someone calls saying they have found a pet that we believe might be your pet. Then we can contact you, or have the finder contact you if we have consent.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have some free time to share?

Join our Volunteer Program and help care for our Shelter animals. To begin the process of becoming a volunteer, please download and complete the appropriate forms to the left. Once completed, please submit to the shelter.


Activities include:

  • walking dogs

  • socializing cats

  • grooming

  • kennel cleaning

  • laundry

  • folding linens

  • running the dishwasher

  • decorating

  • tidying

  • offsite events

  • spay day assistance


All dogs and cats residing in Mat-Su Borough jurisdiction are required to be licensed with the borough:


24.10.010: Registration is required.  Within the Borough, no person shall own any dog or cat over the age of six months without registering each dog or cat.

If you own more than 4 dogs or cats, you do NOT have to individually license those animals, but you are required to apply for a kennel or cattery license, respectively.

Please use the appropriate form to the left if you need to license your animals or apply for a kennel/cattery license.

Submit your completed registration/application to the shelter. Individual animal licenses are paid for at the time of licensure. Kennel and cattery licenses are paid for AFTER the kennel or cattery has passed inspection by an Animal Care Officer.