Am I in the borough limits?  To know if you are within the Mat-Su borough, visit  If you are in the borough, the "city" will say "NONE"

Does my dog or cat need to be licensed?  Yes, all dogs and cats over the age of 6 months, within the Mat-Su Borough are required to be licensed (registered).  (See application)

What is a Microchip and how does it work?   A microchip is a small chip inserted under the skin of the animal.  It serves as proof positive that the animal is yours, speeding up notification if the animal is lost, then found.

Do I need a Kennel/Cattery License?   If you have 5 or more dogs, or cats over the age of 6 months, within the Mat-Su borough, a Kennel/Cattery License is required.  An Officer goes to your kennel/cattery to ensure that the basic needs for the animals are taken care of (housing, food, water, etc.).   The license fee is $75, upon approval.   

Why must I fill out a written statement, to report a violation/complaint?   Unless an Officer sees the action or violation he or she must have a complainant to take any action.  The written statement is used as a complaint in the event that a person is issued a citation and must go to court. These forms are available on our Forms  page.

*Lifetime licenses expire if rabies immunization lapses