If you have lost your pet, please use the search below to see if he/she is at the shelter. Information provided in this search is updated every 2 hours.
It looks like you are using a mobile device. The best way for you to see our stray animals is to download and use
the free Petharbor app for your IOS or Android device.


Thank you for finding and holding this stray dog. By keeping him off the streets, you are helping to prevent his injury or accidental death. However, by law, all stray dogs need to be turned over to the local animal shelter to provide the owner an opportunity to claim the animal and get her back home. State law describes the misappropriation of found property to be theft and therefore a violation of law.order to help reunite people with their lost pets, The shelter maintains a log of reported lost and found animals.

It is not unusual for some people to think that it is OK to keep a stray animal because (somehow) they know that the animal was abandoned. Pets can become lost for a variety of reasons, including escaping from a car, being stolen, being chased by (and escaping) a large predator, or any number of other reasons. This again emphasizes the need to turn the pet over to the local animal control agency. Consider if you had lost your pet. You'd be relieved to know your pet was safely in the animal shelter waiting to be returned home rather in some unknown person's yard - never to be returned

If you have found a lost domestic animal, please either bring the animal to the shelter or call dispatch at (907)761-7501. We can scan for a microchip, which may provide information about the owner including a phone number and address. In addition, we will place the dog on public view so the owner can find their dog when they are looking at the shelter. We would like to help re-unite that dog with its family as quickly as possible.

Did you find or loose a lost domestic animal?

Please follow these steps to help us help you get the pet home.

  • If you have found an animal at-large, please file a Found Animal Report.

  • If your animal is lost, please check to see if your pet has been brought to the shelter by using the search box at the top of this page, downloading the Petharbor mobile app, or by calling the shelter at (907) 746-5500.

  • If your pet is not at the shelter, please file a lost animal report. You may fax, mail  or email the complete report to the shelter. ​Or you may call us an we will take the report by phone​