Meet Lefty

Meet Lefty. He is an extremely energetic young German Shepherd who needs training and an experienced owner. He has not been properly socialized other dogs, and smaller animals. We have been working with him here at the Shelter and now we are reaching out to our Facebook network to find him a home. He will need an adult home who will agree to provide him training classes and a responsible home. In the Shelter he displays reactive behaviors with all other dogs. He loves to run, play with balls and seems particularly responsive to male handlers. Interested adopters should contact the Shelter for more information. He will have special adoption requirements and potential adopters will be expected to provide training.

Meet Cinder

In June 2015, Cinder and her 4 puppies were rescued from the woods by 2 animal care employees and some very good and concerned homeowners that had found her. Cinder had made a home for herself and her pups in the hollow end of an old tree trunk and she was definitely a wild dog. It really was a fabulous den, but we were all concerned that they would not fare well in... the wilds of Alaska. The pups didn't have a difficult ride out, but Cinder was scared of us humans and did not want to leave the home she knew. However, she was removed through much effort and brought to the shelter safely with her little family. The pups all went into foster care a short time after arriving and were ultimately all adopted very quickly as they were totally adorable. Cinder stayed with us at the shelter for a long time. A shelter volunteer and a staff member took particular interest in working with Cinder as often as possible to gain her trust and spend time with her. She would go on walks and sleep at the feet of someone sitting at a desk working, and got to meet another shy Husky while she was here. She never really came out of her shell, but never once was this wild dog aggressive. After giving her much time to settle in and become as socialized as possible in a shelter setting, she was spayed. Then, just a few days before Christmas, Cinder went home to Mojo's Hope Rescue group in Anchorage. We love seeing updates on her progress and are so pleased that she is now a happy dog in a happy place. Please keep the updates flowing. Seeing her happy face makes our day every time!

This is a happy tear-jerker for a few of us here at the shelter. In June of 2015, we rescued Cinder from the wood with 4 pups. The pups were super easy to socialize, and were immediately adopted once they were old enough. Cinder was a little more stubborn, though. A few shelter staff and one volunteer, Delores, worked with Cinder as often as possible for 6 months. She made much progress, but not enough. We reached out to Mojo's Hope because we thought that would be the place for her. We are so glad we were right.